Services and Programs

We specialize in co-creating a people experience strategy with you and our team that will grow with your company. We offer multiple development certifications branded and tailored to your values and organizational goals.

Our certification programs are customized to ensure consistent performance for years to come.

Executive Leadership

Aligning executive teams with a proven leadership strategy to increase capability, adaptability, and improved business results by delivering an exceptional employee experience.

Emerging Leaders

Develop identification methods and design a tailored program to develop high potential leaders with an intentionally diverse and inclusive approach.

Peer Mentorship

Develop a system for engaging peers in mentor roles that support and sustain performance goals. Create mentor and mentee agreements that foster long-term success.

New Manager

Provide new managers with the essential skills, abilities, and knowledge to achieve organizational goals by cultivating emotional intelligence and agility.

Julie is a visionary leader and an impactful strategic partner. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with her on several enterprise-level initiatives and have found her to be fully committed, trustworthy, and an inspiration for excellence. As a group facilitator, she commands the attention of a room while engaging participants through well-honed listening and relating skills. Julie is an empathetic coach, putting leaders at ease as she motivates and guides them toward professional growth.

Cindy Young, MBA,
Molina Healthcare