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Combination of experience and wisdom

"There are few people that possess Julie’s rare combination of experience and wisdom, endlessly innovative yet practical, deliberate but bursting with patience, infinitely kind while direct and challenging, strategic and still brings a beginner’s mind. Because of her many years of leading within large and small organizations, she knows how to execute and also knows when to stand still, reflect and pay attention to what is happening around her. Oh yes, did I say she leads with an unending passion to serve those who want to make a difference in the world? If that is you, I’d hire Julie today. You will be a better leader, and person, if you do.."

Donna Zajonc –

Master Certified Coach, Director of Coaching for The Center for The Empowerment Dynamic

Deliberate and impactful leader

“Julie is an intentional, deliberate and impactful leader, facilitator and coach. Her preparation speaks to her commitment to excellence. The execution and results are testimonies to her ability to lead, to change, to empower and to inspire. And her passion and compassion speak to who she is and her heart to serve. I am a better leader, and person, because of Julie.”

Danielle Willis –

Knight Consulting Group

Deliberate and impactful leader

"Julie is a visionary leader and an impactful strategic partner. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with her on several enterprise-level initiatives and have found her to be fully committed, trustworthy, and an inspiration for excellence. As a group facilitator, she commands the attention of a room while engaging participants through well-honed listening and relating skills. Julie is an empathetic coach, putting leaders at ease as she motivates and guides them toward professional growth."

Cindy Young –

MBA, Molina Healthcare

Truly extraordinary

“Julie Fox is truly extraordinary. She is bright, hardworking, and generous. Julie has taken her gifts and her life experiences and used them to make the world a better place by helping others- all for the greater good. One of the many things that impress me about Julie is that she is a tremendous visionary and strategic partner with business leaders. She is an engaging speaker with a genuine and compelling message. Julie has tremendous integrity and passion and chooses to do the right things for others while doing her work. While working with her, I have watched her change the lives of hundreds of people for the better, with her kind eyes and smile, and patient, caring message. I would recommend engaging with Julie to everyone I know- a very positive and impactful experience to say the least.”

Kelly Leiker –

President, Professional Speaker & Executive Coach at Leiker Development